The story of the founding of BIZOL and where we are today

The founder and company history

The story of Boris Tatievski, the founder of BIZOL and company head has expanded his company into international markets. He created the BIZOL brand 15 years ago. By 2013 BIZOL is now present in 5 continents. Boris Tatievski was raised in the city of Kiev, in the Ukraine. As a young man, Boris was interested in Physics and Chemistry and at the age of 17 he moved to Moscow, Russia to study Physics. At the age of 21 he moved to Berlin, Germany to complete his University studies at the Freien University. His University Thesis, under the guidance of Prof. Bennemann was on the Dynamics of Molecule Clusters. Unlike most of his university colleages in Berlin who have continued their careers in scientific research, as a German Physicist, Boris was really interested in practical applications of science to vehicles. After graduation, he began representing leading German oil and lubricant brands in Eastern Europe, Russia, and in Central Asia. During a business trip in these regions, he realized that in many of the fast growing economies, there was the unfulfilled need for a high-quality, reliable and premium German engine oil brand. This is the founding idea of the brand BIZOL; a brand for both mature and also Growth Markets.

The BIZOL brand history

The name for the BIZOL brand was derived from the bison animal. In 1998, the original brand logo was closely associated with this animal for its power, energy and stamina which are all important requirements for high-performance, high-quality motor oils. Throughout its history, the logo was redesigned four times to reflect the phases of the international expansion of the brand.  In 2008, the present brand logo was adopted to express its “Made in Germany” origin.  The combination of the four colors was carefully studied to recall those of the German flag. The red drop evokes the color of Transmission Fluid Oil. The green drop evokes Personal Safety and the specific color of BIZOL Green Oils.  The yellow drop evokes the color of Motor Oil.  The logo in black recalls the color of the BIZOL 1, 4 and 5 liters Motor Oil containers.

Where we are today

International Development: after just a few years, BIZOL is now present in 5 continents. The main international expansion milestones are:

· 1998-2006 Russia, Central Asia, Europe

· 2007 Asia Pacific

· 2008 Middle-East

· 2009 Africa, South America

· 2010 Expansion in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle-East, Europe

· 2011 Expansion in South America

· 2012 Started partner recruitment activities in North America

Today BIZOL is present in 5 continents with a complete product range of motor oils, additives, technical sprays, automatic transmission fluids, gear oils, and car care products. BIZOL offers also greases and lubricants for industrial applications.